Logan Islamic Center (LIC) is the first Jami' in Utah. LIC was founded in 1981 by the Muslim community in Logan. It provides services, such as Jummah, Tarawih, and Eid prayers. Everyone is welcome who would like to learn about Islam. We also have Sunday school for children to be able to read Quran.
The LIC building had been remodeled twice. The first one, the major remodeling, was conducted in the middle of 2011. During this period, we changed almost everything, including the layout of the building. As a result, LIC now is more convenient for all; ibadah (e.g., pray, reciting Quran, and halaqa) or social activities. The second remodeling was conducted in August - September 2015. Unlike its predecessor, the target was to beautify and make the downstairs area more convenient to use. 



748 North 600 East
Logan, UT 84321