No. 23/PRED/LIC/XII/2016
Wording Selections and Formatting Revisions for the Logan Islamic Center Constitution
December 1, 2016

As-Salamu Alaykum,

As an organization, the role of a Constitution is important. It defines the organization’s foundation, purpose, and regulations. Following up the 21/PRED/LIC/XI/2016 document which explicate our investigation results about variation of the LIC constitution, we realize that it is important to make the constitution publicly available. In order to comply with the LIC policies about document numbering and Islamic terminologies, we made some changes to the constitution. Additionally, we replaced some wording and reformatted the document. In summary, these modifications include:

  1. Changed any Islamic terminologies with the suggested transliteration in the Islamic Terminologies (document 7/PRED/LIC/X/2016).
  2. Changed the term “by-law” to regulation.
  3. Changed the term “mosque” which not from the Qur’an to “Center”.
  4. Capitalize the first letter of the term “Center”, “Constitution”, and “Executive Committee”.
  5. Restructured unclear sentences.
  6. Use lower alphabet for listing items at the first level.
  7. Use number for listing items at the second level.


We believe that these modifications do not change, add, or dismiss the meaning of any sentences in the LIC constitution. We realized that revision may occur and it will be documented thoroughly. May Allah help and protect us in serving the Logan Muslim community.