Eid Al Fitr - Feast of Breaking the Fast

Since the early hours of the morning of Friday 17th July, people started coming from every corner of the Valley to the Logan Islam Center to accomplish Takbirat El eid. At 7:30 AM sharp, the Eid prayer led by Dr. AbdelKafi was performed. As a reminder, Eid prayer is a Sunna and it consists of two Rak'ahs. It is initiated with the opening tabkir ( Allahu Akbar), with the intention to perform the Eid prayer with the Imam followed by seven Takbirs. In between each takbir of the seven takbirs one recites the following Dua'a :" Subhanallah, Walhamdulilah, Wala Ilaha Illallah, Wallahu Akbar". In the second Ruka'a one says five takbirs before reciting the Fatihah followed by any Surah.

After the Eid prayer, Dr. AbdelKafi delivered a short speech stressing on the main purpose of Ramadan, that is achieving Takwah ( God consciousness ). The Takwah virtue encompasses the fear of Allah, the love of Allah and the self restraint. He also mentioned that we must hold tight to the Kura'an and the Sunna of the prophet despite what is happening around us in the world depicting a bad picture of Islam.

After the short Khutba, people congratulated their brothers in faith with a blessed Eid Fitr.
We ask Allah to accept our fasting, our charity, our Kiyam Al Layl & all our good deeds. We also ask Him to make this Eid a prosperous and a joyful one on our nation.