Center Committee

Current Executive Committee

The executive committee members were selected on September 30, 2016 and will be concluded on October 13, 2017.
The structure of this committee is as follow:


Br. Andreas Febrian

Financial Secretary

Br. Fahmid Salman Shah

Cultural Coordinator

Br. Nour Atallah

Service and Maintenance Coordinator

Br. Mohammad Elsanousi

Community Engagement Coordinator

Br. Abdikarim Adam Ali

Public Relation Subcommittee

Br. Afsan Bhuiyan

Br. Shakil Ahmed

Data Sources / References
20160930 - Monthly Meeting Minutes
11.PRED.LIC.X.2016 - Appointing Br. Afsan Bhuiyan as a Member of Public Relation Subcommittee
13/PRED/LIC/X/2016 - Appointing Br. Shakil Ahmed as a Member of Public Relation Subcommittee

*) The data sources/references are open for everyone upon request via email.